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Janome Sewing Machines – Elevate your sewing experience to new heights! Look no further than Statewide Sewing Superstore, your premier destination for Janome Sewing Machines, Janome Embroidery Machines or Janome Overlockers. Delivered right to your doorstep across Australia!

Australia-Wide Delivery
At Statewide Sewing, we understand the excitement of receiving your new Brother Sewing Machine promptly. That’s why we offer swift and secure delivery services across Australia. No matter where you are, we ensure your dream sewing machine reaches you in perfect condition and ready to inspire your next masterpiece.

Janome Sewing Machines – Australia-wide Shipping

Statewide Sewing Superstore proudly offers an extensive selection of Janome sewing machines, serving the diverse needs of sewists across Australia. Our store ensures that every customer can access the perfect machine for their projects with the convenience of Australia-wide shipping.

At Statewide Sewing Superstore, we don’t just sell machines; we provide comprehensive after-sales service to ensure your sewing experience is seamless and satisfying.  Additionally, we offer sewing lessons to help both beginners and experienced sewists enhance their skills. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our 5-star customer service, making us the go-to destination for your sewing needs. Shop with us and experience the Statewide difference.

Janome sewing machines
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