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Quilting Machines

quilting machines shop online bannerQuilting machines are designed exclusively for sewing together multiple layers of fabric to create quilts, blankets, and similar items. Quilting machines can easily handle larger projects and often include various features such as –

  • Larger Throat Space – Quilting machines typically have a larger throat space than regular sewing machines, which allows more room for handling bulky projects like quilts.
  • Sturdy Table – Many models come with an extended table or the ability to add one, providing a larger surface area to support big quilts during sewing.
  • Enhanced Durability – They are built to be more robust and durable, capable of handling thick materials and layers with.
  • Advanced Features – Some quilting machines include advanced features like stitch regulators, which help maintain consistent stitch length and a variety of decorative stitch patterns.
  • Long Arm Quilting Machines – For very large projects, long arm quilting machines stretch the fabric on a frame, and the machine moves over the fabric to quilt. This is different from traditional sewing machines, where the fabric moves through the machine.

Quilting machines are popular among both beginners and professional quilters for their efficiency, speed, and the quality of the stitches they can produce.

How to choose a Quilting machine for your needs?

When selecting a quilting machine, consider its purpose, whether it’s for home or professional use, and the size of the projects you plan to tackle. Important features to look for include ample throat space for larger quilts, a variety of stitch options, and a sturdy table or frame for support. Ensure the machine has a strong motor, fits within your budget, and is user-friendly, especially if you’re a beginner. Also, check the warranty and read user reviews to gauge the machine’s reliability and performance.

For personalised advice tailored to your quilting needs, don’t hesitate to contact Statewide Sewing Superstore at 03 5441 2553. Their experts can help you find the perfect machine to bring your quilting projects to life.

Buy Quilting Machines online or in-store

Whether you prefer shopping online or visiting us in person, our store offers a wide selection of quilting machines from leading brands, with Australia-wide shipping to accommodate all our customers. Located in Bendigo, Victoria, we welcome local customers to explore our products in-store.

If you’re not local or prefer the convenience of online shopping, our website provides an easy and efficient way to browse and purchase.
When you buy a quilting machine from us, you not only receive a high-quality product, but you also get the support services to keep your equipment in top condition. Shop online or stop by our store to find the perfect quilting machine for your projects.

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