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•Sewing Machine cabinet has an opening of 777mm wide x 367mm depth for the larger sewing machines on the market.

•The cabinet will be supplied with a Electric Lifter. The lifter is made in Australia with a couple of parts that are imported in to our specifications.

•The electric lifter can be pre-set in 3 different positions to help you sew at multiple heights or for use with multiple machines used in this cabinet.

•The table has a bi-fold door design plus when it opens it fold back neatly to sit beside the table.

•The table has 4 drawers included which helps to give you more storage space for your equipment at a close handy distance.


•When the door is closed and the lifter is in the storage position we have a fill in panel which covers the hole.

•Lockable castors are on the front to doors to help keep it in place once opened.

•The cut-out area will have the grooved recess in the top panel for flat bed sewing. The groove cut-out is painted.

•Available RTA only (ready to assemble flat pack)

•PLEASE NOTE: The Fill in panel supplied to fill in the cut-out area when the machine is in the storage position the wood grain will not match.


Cabinet Dimension:

•1500mm Wide

•760mm High

•740mm Deep.

•460mm Back Extension, with the kit open it has a total depth of 1200mm.

•Storage to the right 200mm Wide, 650mm High and 600mm Deep.

•All drawers are 400mm Wide and 450mm Deep, the two top drawers are 90mm High, Third drawer is 120mm High and the Bottom drawer is 355mm High.

Available in Ash White and Beech

Out of stock

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