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*Bonus Package includes:

Beyond EPIC!

The Designer EPIC 2, is made for sewists by sewists. This machine has been made with you in mind and has come packed with inclusions to take your projects to the next level.

Accessories Included:

Presser Feet:

Utility Foot A for the IDF System, Decorative Stitch Foot B, Buttonhole Foot C, Blind Hem Foot D, Zipper Foot E for IDF System, Non-Stick Glide Foot for IDF System, Edging Foot J for IDF System, Adjustable 1/4″ Foot for IDF System, Sensor Q-Foot, Embroidery / Darning Foot R, Side-Motion Foot S, Sensor One-Step Buttonhole Foot, Self-Adhesive Glide Plates.


DESIGNER Imperial Hoop, DESIGNER Crown Hoop, DESIGNER Splendid Square Hoop

Other Accessories:

Complimentary software (PC and MAC) to download, Soft cover for the machine, Luggage style carrying bag with packing insert for embroidery unit, Foot control, Power cord, needles, Sampler Book.

Top Features:

  • mysewnet™ Enabled Includes free cloud-based storage and design transfer, apps, Project Creator service and fresh ideas available in a live feed directly on screen from the mySewnet™
  • mySewnet™ Library Have access to a full, continuously expanding library of embroidery designs directly on the machine screen.
  • mySewnet™ Cloud Get a free mySewnet™ cloud account to use the free apps, transfer designs and more.
  • WiFi Access Connect to mySewnet™ apps, update your machine, wirelessly transfer designs between devices, and more.
  • mySewnet™ Blog Enjoy a live feed directly onto the machine screen of news, free projects, and free designs. (currently available in English and Dutch).
  • Project Creator Web Service Create and share your favourite sewing and embroidery projects with friends.
  • Husqvarna Viking Apps Use the mySewMonitor™ app for machine notifications and swift design placement. The QuickDesign™ app to create embroidery designs from your smartphone or tablet, and the JoyOS Advisor™ app to take your machine with you.
  • JoyOS Advisor™ The DESIGNER EPIC 2, will be your most skilful assistant with the help form the JoyOS Advisor™ feature.
  • Interactive Tutorials Learn skills such as zipper insertion, collars, and hemming all on the machine.
  • Sewing Instructions Sewing and embroidery projects with all the instructions needed is included.
  • Step-by-Step Workbook Learn the all the features of the machine such as Design Positioning, Design Shaping and more.
  • Easy Access User’s Guide Get access to the full User’s Guide directly on the machine with the easy access icon. The search function is easy to use.
  • Stabiliser Guide The perfect tool when choosing the correct stabiliser for your next project.
  • Quick Start Guide Learn how to set-up your machine for basic sewing and embroidery to get stitching sooner.
  • Accessory Guide Full set-up and instructions for some of our more advanced accessories.
  • Integrated Dual Feed Technology (IDF) Feeds the fabric from the top for ease when sewing multiple layers of fabric or specialty fabrics, eliminating the need for a separate walking foot.

Sewing Features:

  • Adjustable Laser Sewing Guidance Laser guidance directly on your fabric to easily line up your stitches. Move the laser projected line to the left or right to make the alignment of decorative stitches, consistently space lines of quilting, and more.
  • Stitch Package
    • Exclusive Stitch Techniques – Customise any project with exclusive patented stitch techniques that give your project dimensional elements that are effortless and irresistible. These stitches includes: Pop-Up Stitches, Sequin Stitches, Applique Stitches, Yarn Stitches, Theme Stitches, and Laser Pictogram Stitches.
    • Wider Decorative Stitches (9mm) – Create an impact with 9mm standard decorative stitches and side-motion stitches (up to 54mm for any special project.
  • Extensive Selection of Built-in Stitches
    • Over 840 Stitches, up to 54mm wide
    • Exclusive Patented Stitch Techniques.
    • 6 Sewing alphabets, with both upper and lower case letters, for easy programming.
  • DeLuxe™ Stitch System
    • Thread Portioning – Feeds the optimum amount of thread for each stitch, no matter what thread type or fabric thickness when sewing or embroidering.
    • Thread Portioning or Thread Tension – Choose between Thread Tension or specific techniques and accessories.
  • Exclusive Sensor System Feature
    • Sensor Foot Lift:
      • Presser foot lowers and raises automatically.
      • Four positions: down, up, pivot and extra lift.
      • Automatically lowers feed teeth on extra lift for maximum space to slide thick fabrics and quilts under the foot easily.
    • Sensor Foot Pivot
      • Automatic float position with the needle down for instant pivoting, easy applique and quilting.
      • Your hands are free to guide the fabric.
    • Sensor Foot Pressure
      • The presser foot continuously senses the thickness of the fabric and automatically adjusts the presser foot pressure, for even feeding on all fabric types.
  • Three Free-Motion Settings
    • Free-motion spring action
    • Free-motion floating
    • Free-motion ruler foot
  • Stitch Positioning Change the stitch position for any stitch with a with of up to 9mm.
  • 37 Needle Positions Easily sew a straight stitch in 37 needle positions for perfectly placed top stitching, edge stitching, under stitching, stitching-in-the-ditch or quilting.
  • Stitch Balance Automatically sets the ideal feed balance when stitching forwards and backwards, so your decorative stitching looks stunning every time.
  • Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes Automatically sews perfect one-step buttonholes every time.
    • Sews both sides of the buttonhole in the same direction for evenly balanced buttonholes.
    • 16 buttonhole styles and 3 eyelets designed for various sewing applications.
  • Straight Stitch Plate and Sensor Perfect for straight stitch sewing with any special accessory and embroidery.
    • Attach the Straight Stitch Plate and the machine sensor alerts you if you select any stitch other than a straight stitch.
  • Sewing Functions
    • Needle Up/Down
    • Start/Stop
    • Stop
    • Fix
    • Automatic Thread Cutter
    • Pattern Restart
    • Speed
  • Tapering on Decorative Stitches Taper at the beginning or end of select decorative stitches. Change the angle of taper for unlimited creative opportunities.
  • Free-Motion Sewing with Decorative Stitches Use any non-dimensional decorative stitch up to 9mm wide in free-motion.

Embroidery Features:

  • Embroidery Attachment Capability A true innovation in the home embroidery machine! With the optional ribbon embroidery attachment, the machine will guide and stitch down ribbon when in embroidery mode. Adding ribbon to your embroidery designs has never been easier!
  • Design Positioning Place and match your embroideries with this feature for stitch point accuracy. Use the Design Positioning feature in the mySewMonitor™ App to see where on your project you would like the design, making the design positioning process a breeze.
  • Most Built-in Specialty Embroidery Techniques Featuring over 750 built-in embroidery designs, incorporating 31 specialty techniques including:
    • Ribbon Embroidery
    • Thread Velvet™ Technique
    • Cutwork Needles
    • Patchwork in-the-Hoop
    • Free-Standing Lace
    • And More!
  • Design Shaping Create unlimited new embroideries using any stitch and/or embroidery. Choose your shape and adjust your selected designs or stitches on this shape line.
  • Design Applique Create appliques directly on the screen of your machine, no extra software required.
    • Choose from built-in shapes such as: heart, flower, letters and more.
    • Finish your applique with different stitch options.
  • Embroider Buttonholes and Decorative Stitches In The Hoop. Expand your creativity by combining any of the built-in stitches for endless design opportunities. You can also taper in the hoop to create mitered corners and beautifully angles effects using select decorative stitches.
  • Automatic Jump Stitch Trim Cut trimming time as you create beautiful embroideries.
    • Jump stitches are cut automatically and thread tails are pulled to the back.
    • Automatic thread cutter cuts only the top thread at each colour change.
  • Embroidery Design Customizing Modify and adjust your embroideries on the screen.
    • Add multiple designs
    • Rotate, mirror image, scale and move
    • Colour edit
    • Group and ungroup designs
    • Undo/Redo
    • Change stitch out order
    • Colour block sort
    • Colour block merge
    • Monochrome
  • Basting Options Use the basting to secure the fabric without hooping. Choose between basting around the design or basting around the hoop area.
  • High Embroidery Speed Stitch up to 1000 stitches per minute.
  • Embroidery Stitch-Out Check and adjust the embroidery settings before entering the Embroidery Stitch-Out.
  • Three Embroidery Hoops Included
    • Designer Splendid Square Hoop (120x120mm)
    • Designer Crown Hoop (260x200mm)
    • Designer Imperial Hoop (360x260mm)
  • Embroidery Area Embroider with the market’s largest embroidery area using the optional 360x350mm Designer Majestic Hoop.
  • Hoop Positions Move the hoop to four constant positions: Current Stitch, Park, Center and Trim.
  • Complimentary Computer Software Download Enhance the use of your embroidery machine.
    • mySewnet™ Cloud Communication Software Download – Allows you yo wirelessly connect the machine to your computer.
    • Windows Explorer Plug-in – View designs as thumbnail images, read different embroidery file formats, add trim commands and more.
    • Quickfont – Create and add numerous embroidery fonts to your machine using any TrueType font on your computer.

Machine Features:

  • Sewing Performance
    • Fabric Feeding – Exceptional fabric feeding is provided by the additional front feed teeth and an overall wider feed teeth system.
    • Needle Piercing Power – Electronic needle piercing power provides superior results when using heavy fabrics or multiple layers.
  • Machine Capabilities
    • Large Screen -10.1″ – The large tablet-like touch screen allows you to easily navigate using gestures such as swipe, pinch and spread.
    • Large Working Area – More than 12″ (310mm) to the right of the needle and a high working area at over 5.5″ (140mm) which gives plenty of roomfor your larger projects.
    • Large Thread Spool Capacity – The built-in telescopic thread stand allows you to use larger thread spools without the additional accessories.
  • Large Bobbin – Sew and embroider for longer periods without any interruptions.
  • Multi-Function Foot Control Capability Control multiple functions of your machine like thread cutting or reverse stitching without taking your hands off your project (Optional Accessory).
  • User Experience
    • Work Light – Allows you to see your stitches in true colour with virtually no shadows.
    • Ergonomic Design – Sew with a comfortable, intuitive machine design.
    • Stabilty – Sew or embroider with less vibrations for a steady and quiet sewing experience.
  • Fully Automatic Needle Threader With the single touch of a button, the needle is threaded.
  • Personalised On-Screen Experience The redesigned Graphical User Interface is a contemporary, user friendly experience, that is able to be personalised by switching up the colour scheme to fit your style.
  • Smart Save If you lose power or need it to stop embroidering and sewing, all the adjustments are automatically saved. You can also choose to manually Smart Save at any time.
  • Lightweight, One Piece Aluminium Casting. Resulting in a lighter machine, whilst providing the largest working area.
  • Bobbin Winding
    • Through the needle for quick, convenient bobbin winding.
    • Separate bobbin winding motor that allows you to wind a bobbin without interrupting your sewing.
  • Accessory Tray with Customised Compartments.
    • Store your presser feet in an alphabetical order
    • Straight stitch plate clicks into place
    • Slot for Sensor buttonhole foot
  • Two USB Ports Two USB ports allow for smooth transfer of designs, updates and for use with the optional Multi-Function Foot Control.
  • Reads Multiple Design Formats For convenience the machine is able to read most popular design formats.
  • Inch/cm Ruler On The Base Plate Convenient for measuring whilst using your sewing machine.
    • Ruler up to 19″ (48.5cm)
    • Button Ruler
  • Sew With the Embroidery Unit Attached Easily convert from embroidery mode into sewing mode, without removing the embroidery unit.
  • Jam Proof Rotary Hook No threads caught in the bobbin area.
  • Automatic Presser Foot Lift Raises the presser instantly when the needle is set to stop down and/or at the end of a seam after a thread snip.
  • Embroidery Unit Case Included Protect and transport your embroidery unit in style.
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