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This black edition Janome overlocker is the perfect addition to compliment your sewing machine. Unpack the overlocker from the carton and start stitching immediately, it is fully threaded with 4 cones of white overlocking thread. An overlocker cuts your fabric, seams and neatens the fabric edges all in one step, giving a clean professional finish. Stitch types include: 4-thread overlock, 3-thread regular, 3-thread overlock wide, rolled hem, narrow hem, picot edge and decorative overedge. Ability to adjust the cutting width and stitch length to suit the selected fabric. Differential Feed adjustment, gives access to increasing or decreasing the feed dog speed, allowing fabric to be gathered or top stretch fabrics from being over-stretched while seaming or hemming. A handy feature, when the sewing foot is raised, the thread tensions are released, great when threading. A colour coded threading chart is located inside the front opening cover. There are a variety of optional accessories available for this overlocker.

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