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The PFAFF creative icon 2 sewing and embroidery machine ushers in a new era of sewing.  It is the first sewing machine in the world to be engineered with artificial intelligence.  Fueled by an upgraded microprocessor, this advanced machine monitors sewing and reacts to spoken commands, automatically processing the information in the cloud to deliver peak performance.

  • Today’s A.I    Attach almost any presser foot and the machine will alert you if the foot is compatible with your stitch selection.
  • Tomorrow’s A.I.  Will ensure that you have the most advanced sewing features and functionality continuously added to your machine through automatic software updates.
  • “Alexa, ask mySewnet  how much time is left in this embroidery design….”

    A world-first for the sewing world, the PFAFF creative icon 2 sewing and embroidery machine connect to compatible smart speakers or a mobile phone with the Alexa** app for touchless interactivity, giving you the freedom to get assistance without taking your hands off the project.  Engage in over 40 helpful interactions, with new items to be added in the future.

    Function:            Control key machine processes.    “Alexa, ask creative icon 2 to open Stitch Creator”.”

    Inspiration:      Hands-free access to mySewnet projects, stitches and features    “Alexa, ask mySewnet to search the library for thread velvet.”

    Assistance:    Troubleshoot sewing and machine functions with ease.         “Alexa, ask creative icon 2 which colour is next”

  • Stitch Preview:  See where stitches will be placed when in sewing mode
  • Line and Grid Guide:  Overlay helpful lines with adjustable angles and grids of adjustable sizes in sewing mode.  Colour adjusts for maximum visibility against chosen fabrics.
  • Embroidery Preview:  Select a portion of your embroidery design on-screen to preview on your hooped project
  • Scans fabric placed in the embroidery hoop
  • Loads fabric image on the screen in embroidery mode
  • Uses loaded background to preview design on fabric and assist with design placement
  • Take advantage of mySewnet with even more freedom.  PFAFF Creative icon 2 sewing and embroidery machine is Wi-Fi enabled so you can access the full functionality of mySewnet from anywhere and easily communicate and collaborate between enabled devices.
    • Connect:  Easily saves and transfer designs using the mySewnet cloud.  Get notifications about new machine software and updates and wireless downloads.
    • Explore:  Browse the mySewnet blog directly from your screen with news, tips and hints, free projects and free designs
    • Manage:  Get help and instructions, monitor embroidery stitch-out process, design placement and more.  Free Android and iOS apps allow you to connect your phone or tablet to your machine even if they are not on the same WiFi Network.
    • Create:  Use Project Creator to develop interactive sewing instructions with images, designs and stitches, and share with friends.  Access instructions on-screen and load stitches and designs directly from the instructions to make projects easy to create and replicate.
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